Quail Hunting Preserve

Oxford, MS


Red is a German Shorthaired Pointer with a strong and steady nose. This old man loves to hunt birds!

Whoa ...!

We're working like a dog to point you to the quail!

Little "q" Ranch

"Homer" & "Rebel"

These pups are litter mates from our first breeding of Cat and Red. They are young, energetic, and have become world class bird dogs!


Cat is a German Shorthaired Pointer and an absolute machine! She is a thing of beauty on point!  


Amos is a Hungarian Viszla that loves to hunt in close for those singles that may ordinarily go undetected.  


Patches is an English pointer and full of energy! She'll cover the Little "q" all day to put you on the birds.

Little "q" Ranch is fortunate to have a cracker-jack team of eager and hard-working dogs ready to take you out on an old fashioned quail hunt. These hunters are the heart and soul of Little "q".

This spring we hope to have another litter of German Shorthaired puppies ready to go home with you to become part of your family!